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Roland A-49 Midi Keyboard Controller Black #7106li

Roland A-49 Midi Keyboard Controller BlackThere’s no shortage of portable MIDI keyboard controllers on the market, but portability in some cases, that means you get subpar keyboard action. M-Audio’s engineers wanted to ensure that the A-49 is not one of them. It’s a lightweight, slim-line controller which features a premium-grade, full-size keyboard. It’s a dream for musicians seeking a simple, easy-to-use MIDI keyboard with pro-quality playing feel.Great Keys, Great ControlsThe A-49’s keys have a rounded shape for better reaction to the player’s touch and more comfortable glissandi. Other enhancements have been made to reduce the already low mechanical noise and eliminate vertical shake. All of these features add up to a keyboard that even the most discerning pros will appreciate. Add color to your sound and excitement to your performance by waving your hands over the invisible D-BEAM. The A-49 can assign all its controllers automatically for fully utilizing an external SuperNATURAL sound module such as the INTEGRA-7. It’s also a great second keyboard for controlling synthesizers that have onboard SuperNATURAL sounds, such as the JUPITER-80 and JUPITER-50 (sold separately).Mobile MusicThe A-49 was born for mobile use. It’s strong yet amazingly lightweight (less than 6lb./2.5kg), making it easy to lift and carry. And although it has a very streamlined design, the A-49 features a full-size, premium keyboard with 49 velocity-sensitive keys. For the ultimate in portable convenience, the A-49 is powered from your computer’s USB bus – no power cable or adapter is required. It draws a minimal amount of current, which is ideal for a USB bus-powered device.Make Music With Your Mac or PCThe A-49 provides clean connections via its recessed rear panel, so you can place a computer monitor or laptop in the perfect position for creating music. Two knobs, two switches, and the D-BEAM controller are all easily accessible and intelligently arranged to make your workflow fast and fluid. Dedicated octave buttons offer immediate control of the key scale, and a transpose button is provided for adjusting the scale in semitone steps; LED indicators give you instant visual feedback of your octave/transpose settings. Other settings can be accessed via the Function button, which lets you use the keys to perform additional tasks printed above the keyboard.Perfect for the iPad*Recently, many musicians have gravitated toward their Apple iPads to record musical ideas. While there are small MIDI keyboards that can be used with the iPad, the A-49 gives you pro playability as well as mobility. Its clean, clutter-free surface and excellent feel keeps your fingers on the keys and your mind on the music.*The A-49 can be connected to the iPad via Apple’s iPad Camera Connection Kit (sold separately).It comes bundled with Cakewalk SONAR LE software. 49 full-size keys with velocity sensitivityControllers: Buttons: S1, S2 (Assignable) Knobs: C1, C2 (Assignable) Foot Pedals: HOLD, EXPRESSION Pitch Bend/Modulation Lever D-BEAM Co
Roland H88807.002 – Roland A-49 Midi Keyboard Controller Black – Roland, MIDI Keyboard Controllers

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Roland CUBE-10GX 10w 1×8 Guitar Combo Amp #2947dt

Roland CUBE-10GX 10w 1x8 Guitar Combo AmpWith its impressive sound, built-in effects, and the ability to swap COSM amp types via a free app for iOS and Android devices, the CUBE-10GX is the perfect small amp for jamming, bedroom practice, and recording. Built to the respected CUBE standard, the CUBE-10GX delivers big, full tones with its custom 8″ speaker and heavy-duty cabinet design. Clean, Crunch, and Lead amp types come ready to play from the factory, but you can easily switch them out from your favorite mobile device. The CUBE KIT app includes multiple amps to choose from, including vintage classics, ultra-heavy gain machines, and even amps for bass and acoustic-electric guitar. The compact CUBE-10GX also includes options for shaping your tones even further with three-band EQ and onboard chorus, delay, and reverb effects.Big Sound, Compact PackagePacking versatile amp sounds, simple-yet-powerful tone controls, and high-caliber effects, the CUBE-10GX is ideal for both beginning guitarists and experienced players looking for a great sounding small amp. Renowned CUBE construction quality provides rich, full sound and maximum durability, with a custom-designed 8″ speaker, ultra-rigid cabinetry, heavy-duty corner protectors, and more. From bedroom practice to jamming with friends to tracking in the studio, the CUBE-10GX delivers top-shelf guitar tones wherever you play.Easily Customize Amp Types from Your Smart Phone or TabletOut of the box, the CUBE-10GX comes ready to rock with Clean, Crunch, and Lead COSM amp types. But that’s just where the fun starts-using the CUBE KIT app for iOS and Android devices, you can load up those three slots with a variety of different amp types and adapt the sound of the CUBE-10GX for the music you like to play! Available as a free download, CUBE KIT includes 10 different COSM amp types to cover any style, from jazz to classic rock to high-gain metal. For further versatility, there are even amp types designed for bass and acoustic-electric guitar. Simple and intuitive to use, CUBE KIT makes it easy to customize the CUBE-10GX’s sound in seconds.Three-Band EQ, Built-in Effects, and MoreThe CUBE-10GX is equipped with Bass, Middle, and Treble controls for fine-tuning your tone, plus three high-quality effects. Chorus, delay, or reverb can be dialed up easily with a single intuitive knob, and the reverb section offers plate and retro spring variations for a wide range of sound. Via the rear-panel Aux In jack, you can plug in a music player or smart phone and riff along with your favorite tunes. There’s also a Rec Out/Phones jack, which mutes the onboard speaker and provides a direct output complete with COSM speaker modeling. This is a great feature for quiet practice with headphones, and also for tracking the CUBE-10GX’s pro COSM tones directly into your favorite recording devices. Compact 10-watt guitar amp with custom-designed 8″ speakerThree preset COSM amp types: Clean, Crunch, and LeadReplace preset amps with custom COSM amps via the free CUBE KIT app f
Roland J12441 – Roland CUBE-10GX 10w 1×8 Guitar Combo Amp – musical instruments

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Roland Dual-Trigger Mesh V-Pad Black 10 In. #6097gq

Roland Dual-Trigger Mesh V-Pad Black 10 In.The Roland Dual-Trigger Mesh V-Pad has a brand new sensor mechanism for more accurate triggering, plus a cool black finish. 10″ mesh V-Pad features Roland’s latest dual-triggering technology, resulting in more even and accurate sensing between the head and rim. This is the first Roland V-Pad with rim shot capabilities on the toms–including the actual “rim click” sound.
Roland 449922.001.153 – Roland Dual-Trigger Mesh V-Pad Black 10 In. – Roland, Trigger Pads

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Roland Tm-2 Drum Trigger Module With 2 Bt-1 Bar Trigger Pads #5214ku

Roland Tm-2 Drum Trigger Module With 2 Bt-1 Bar Trigger PadsBattery powered and small in size, the TM-2 Trigger Module provides a simple solution for enhancing acoustic drums with the creative versatility of electronic percussion. Two trigger inputs support a wide variety of pads and drum triggers from Roland, while the ready-to-play pro sounds are optimized for augmenting live acoustic drums and extending the percussion capabilities of any drum set. Studio-quality multi-effects are on tap to process your kits, and you can even trigger your own custom WAV sounds, loops, and backing tracks via an SDHC card. By combining the TM-2 two Roland’s BT-1 Bar Trigger Pads, it’s never been easier or more affordable to create a powerful hybrid drum kit that blends acoustic and electronic elements together.The compact and affordable BT-1 Bar Trigger Pad makes it easy to add electronic triggering to any drum kit. With a curved shape that mounts on the side of a V-Drums V-Pad or acoustic drum, it provides convenient playing access without disturbing your existing kit layout. The BT-1 is great not only for playing sounds in a V-Drums module or SPD-series percussion pad, but also for convenient control of a variety of functions like start/stop of backing songs and phrase loops, and much more. TM-2 Trigger module:Compact sizingOver 100 ready-to-play pro soundsSuitable for all genresSDHC card slot lets users trigger their own WAV sounds stored on SDHC media, from one-shot samples and loop phrases to complete backing tracksTwo trigger inputs support both single- or dual-trigger padsSimple and intuitive user interfaceFeatures effects such as reverb, flanger, delay, and morePowered by batteries (4 AA) or included AC adapterIncludes mounting plate to mount the TM-2 to hi-hat stand or drum rack with a standard multi-clampMIDI I/O for triggering external sound modulesBT-1 Bar Trigger Pad:Compact designSingle-trigger padCurved shape for mountingEasy mounting through a drum tension rod; attachment parts for standard rod-type mounts includedInternal design eliminates false triggering from nearby drums and/or pads
Roland J09671 – Roland Tm-2 Drum Trigger Module With 2 Bt-1 Bar Trigger Pads – Roland, Acoustic Triggers

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Roland Jupiter-80 Synthesizer #6198fo

Roland Jupiter-80 SynthesizerOne of the most revered prefixes (Jupiter) in the history of synthesis returns. Welcome the arrival of the Roland JUPITER-80- a live-performance powerhouse that pays homage to its legendary namesake with road-proven hardware and massive sound, yet blasts into the future with advanced SuperNATURAL technology. The JUPITER-80’s expressive, organic approach to synthesis makes a new world of sound design possible with multilayered SuperNATURAL textures under the control of a full-color touchscreen and creative hands-on controllers. Experience the metamorphosis of a legend with the all-new JUPITER-80!Past, present, and future soundThe JUPITER-80 nods to its past with lethal, multi-layered SuperNATURAL synthesizer tones so fat you’ll need a knife to cut through it, but that’s only the beginning of what this powerhouse synth will do. Gigging musicians will love the stockpile of essential sounds onboard, including Roland’s famous SuperNATURAL Piano, strings, brass, and much more. The JUPITER-80 puts a fast-access user interface under your fingers-a dream for live performance. Its heavyweight design, complete with metal side panels, recalls the legendary JUPITER but with a modern twist.Powerful live sets featuring four-tone structure and registrationsJUPITER-80’s sound engine handles four x tones with dedicated DSP per tone as a basic unit “Live Set” for manual performance. Layering of Upper and Lower Live Sets, plus a specialized “SOLO” part, means the incredibly massive nine-tone-stack sound. Customized complex settings can be saved as Registrations, and easily recalled during live performance.Tone blenderYou will love the deep possibilities of the stackable SuperNATURAL architecture and unique features such as Tone Blender, which tweaks values of multiple parameters simultaneously and lets you “Capture” any new combination and save it as a Live Set. Create complex, emotional textures that respond, react, and evolve like nothing you’ve heard before. Tone Blender can also dramatically enhance your live-performance capabilities by letting you assign its multiple parameters to controllers such as the D Beam. Powerful integrated SuperNATURAL synthesis engines designed for legendary vintage synth sounds to realistic organic acoustic sounds and moreSingle Tone is equivalent to the performance of powerful single synthesizerstack four of these to create a mind-blowing “Live Set”Tone Blender tweaks multiple parameters of tones in realtime for complex, emotive sonic movement during performanceFast, friendly operation with intuitive front panel and color touchscreen optimized for live performance76-note semi-weighted synth keyboard, and 256 polyphonic voices (varies according to sound-generator load)USB-memory Song Player/Recorder for backing tracks or quick idea captureEasy integration with computers via built-in USB-MIDI/Audio interface
Roland H74195 – Roland Jupiter-80 Synthesizer – musical instruments

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Roland Mobile Cube Battery-Powered Stereo Guitar Combo Amp Black 888365381268 #6949sv

Roland Mobile Cube Battery-Powered Stereo Guitar Combo Amp Black 888365381268The Roland Mobile Cube is a battery-powered stereo guitar combo amplifier that plugs you into instant audio entertainment. Small and mighty, the stereo Mobile Cube amp can handle all types of electronic instruments and audio devices, and can be used anywhere, anytime. Connect microphones, electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards, drum machines, MP3 players, you name it, and jam for up to 15 hours.Small Size, Big SoundAt just 11-1/16″ (W) x 4-1/4″ (D) x 7″ (H), no larger than a briefcase, Mobile Cube is a traveler’s dream. Battery-powered, it can be operated anywhere — just plug in, turn on, and jam. Two high-performance speakers provide stereo sound that defies Mobile Cube’s physical size.Built-In Stereo EffectsEquipped with Roland’s legendary FX engine, Mobile Cube offers high-quality stereo reverb and chorus effects. Sweeten your vocals, add fire to your guitar tone, or immerse your mixes in a rich stereo sound field. Center Cancel is also provided for minimizing vocals in pre-recorded music — great for karaoke and play-along performance.All Instruments WelcomeThanks to its variety of inputs, Mobile Cube accommodates microphones, keyboards, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, MP3 players, and more. No other instrument amplifier of this size has a stereo input port. Use it as a practice amp at home, while traveling, indoors or out. Mobile Cube is an amplifier that is great for parties, karaoke, and vocal lessons. Connect your Roland Mobile Cube amp to a mic stand for use as a monitor speaker or micro PA. Battery-powered amplifier for anyone, anywhere, anytime5W (2.5W + 2.5W) stereo power with two high-performance 10cm (4″) speakersInputs for microphone, stereo-instrument, and stereo AUX; headphone outputCenter Cancel function for karaokeBuilt-in stereo reverb/chorus, distortion and moreDedicated strap included for easy carry around
Roland 482467M.001.016 – Roland Mobile Cube Battery-Powered Stereo Guitar Combo Amp Black 888365381268 – musical instruments

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Roland GW-8 Keyboard Workstation Regular 888365275635 #8209gr

Roland GW-8 Keyboard Workstation Regular 888365275635The Roland GW-8 keyboard is the next generation of Roland’s GW-series workstations with intelligent backing-track functionality. With its fresh, contemporary sound-set and expressive musical styles from pop to rock, plus authentic ethnic styles and a multi-format USB Memory Player feature, the GW-8 workstaton will bring a world of music to your fingertips.The Roland GW-8 is especially well-suited for one-man-band performances. Flagship Sound Engine with Easy User InterfaceHaving Roland’s renowned sound technology at its core, the GW-8 rivals its peer workstations with its rich, expressive sound. The GW-8 comes loaded with hundreds of the freshest and most essential sounds culled from Roland’s top sound modules. In addition to its authentic sound set, the GW-8 is equipped with many user-friendly control devices, such as the expressive D BEAM and the Analog Modify knob, which instantly adjusts sounds to suit your taste. The GW-8 is perfect for live entertainers who play multiple roles in their performances.Intelligent Backing StylesThe GW-8 is packed with a huge collection of styles, representing a broad range of music genres, from contemporary rock, pop, dance, jazz, and beyond. The excellent library of contemporary sounds and styles is accompanied by ethnic instrument sounds and authentic regional musical styles. Each backing style has four intros, four main patterns, and four ending progressions for you to craft your own arrangements live.USB Memory Player FeatureThe GW-8 also has one of Roland’s most popular features is built into it-the Multi-format Song Player that allows song data to be played directly from USB Flash memory (accepts MP3, WAV, AIFF, and SMF format). It also has a Center Cancel function that minimizes main vocals from pre-recorded songs for karaoke-style performances or music practice.Style Converter & Playlist EditorBundled with each GW-8 is Roland’s Style Converter software for PC, which lets you convert your own MIDI data into GW-8 backing styles via commercially available USB Flash memory devices. Also included is the Playlist Editor for customizing the order of songs. Users can easily create a dedicated Playlist for each gig. Contemporary music workstation with high-quality 128-voice sound engine derived from Roland’s renowned sound-module lineupWide variety of contemporary sounds and intelligent backing styles, plus additional banks of ethnic sounds and styles from around the worldUSB Memory Player feature allows direct playback of MP3, WAV, AIFF, and SMF files from USB key; Center Cancel feature for audio files enables karaoke-style singalongNewly designed graphical display, plus Style Select button, Analog Modify knob, and D BEAMStyle Converter and Playlist Editor software includedOnboard 16-track sequencer for saving your interactive performances61 keys (with velocity)Sustain pedal sold separatelySound Generator:Maximum Polyphony: 128 voicesParts: 16 parts + Keyboard partWave Memory: 256MB (16-bit linear equivalent
Roland 500168M.023 – Roland GW-8 Keyboard Workstation Regular 888365275635 – musical instruments

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Roland Td-11K-S V-Compact Series Electronic V-Drum Kit #9020tb

Roland Td-11K-S V-Compact Series Electronic V-Drum KitThe Roland TD-11K V-Drums V-Compact Series brings a natural and realistic playing experience to drummers of any skill level. Affordable and easy to use, these new electronic kits are perfect for a variety of applications, including practice, teaching, recording, live performance, and more.SuperNATURAL-enhanced sound engine with Behavior Modeling provides an expressive and natural drumming experience. Its diverse sound library covers a wide variety of musical genres for performance and practice. Professionally recorded backing songs are onboard for play-along practice and performance. Practice features include Quick Record/Quick Play, plus a unique COACH function that helps players of all levels build drumming skills effectively.The TD-11K features a large LCD and icon-driven user interface for easy operation, as well as a USB function that provides direct connectivity to computer applications, along with data backup and playback of WAV and MP3 audio songs. The compact and solid MDS-4V Drum Stand enables fast setup and flexible positioning of drum components. The TD-11K comes equipped with a mesh-head V-Pad (PDX-8) for the snare.Kick pedal sold separately. Bass drumSnare drum3 toms3 cymbal padsHi-Hat controllerDrum StandQuality sounds
Roland H82854 – Roland Td-11K-S V-Compact Series Electronic V-Drum Kit – Roland, Complete Electronic Drum Sets

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Roland TD-30 V-Drums Sound Module #6167gi

Roland TD-30 V-Drums Sound ModuleThe Roland TD-30 drum sound module was designed for the Roland V-Drums V-Pro series. With SuperNATURAL sounds produced by Behavior Modeling, the sound quality is superior, responding naturally to a variety of drumming techniques and dynamics. From rim shots, rolls, flams, even ghost notes on the snare, to dramatic crash hits and sustained cymbal swells, every nuance is accurate and smooth. For spatial depth, a dedicated Ambience fader gives you immediate access to lush room ambience and overhead-microphone simulation.Wide Variety of SoundsThe wide range of preset drum kits is perfect for all styles of music, whether it be rock, jazz, hip-hop, or dance. Priority has been placed on developing sounds that are perfectly adaptable for use in the recording studio environment or on stage. With over 1,000 onboard sounds, whether they are acoustic drums-kicks, snares, cymbals and percussion-or electronic drums and special effects sounds, the V-Edit possibilities combined with the powerful onboard effects make it easy to create a unique and personalized kit for any musical style.Natural Playing Feel and SoundThe TD-30 features vastly improved trigger response, dynamics and positional sensing. The result is an even more obvious and natural reaction between the player and the sound.Snare Drum – A smoother transition in sound reaction between head shots and rim shots. The snare drum perfectly responds to exactly how and where the drummer plays. The dynamics, positional sensing, and even the transition between full and shallow rim shots has become smoother.Crash Cymbals – Be it delicate playing, swell rolls, or powerful crash shots, the contrasts in dynamic sound reactions are more discernible than ever.Ride Cymbal – Enhanced dynamics and positional sensing make for a wonderfully natural feel and sound variations, be it up-tempo jazz playing or straight-on rock.Drum Sound ReactionWhen playing fast open rolls, flams, or ghost-style, single-handed buzz rolls, the sound remains continuous between each hit. And press/closed rolls sound even smoother with the snare buzz resonance reacting in a natural way.Hi-Hat ControlWhen playing the hi-hat from a fully open position and slowly closing it, a perfectly smooth transition in sound is achieved. Playing in the half-open position or even in a slightly open position, the sound remains constant. And the foot-closed sounds and foot splashes are easier to control.Ambience SectionHow the drummer hears himself and how the drum sounds are heard within the music have been given priority, and by taking advantage of enhanced DSP power, a new ambience section has been created. On the front panel of the TD-30 there is a dedicated fader for the overall ambience balance.Overhead Mic – For recording drums in the studio, placement of the overhead mics is a must to guarantee a natural presence and brightness in the sound.Room Ambience – You can adjust the room size and the room mic position within a choice of room types that include a
Roland H80994 – Roland TD-30 V-Drums Sound Module – musical instruments

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Roland V-Cymbal Ride for TD-30KV Metallic Grey #1122rk

Roland V-Cymbal Ride for TD-30KV Metallic GreyThe new Roland V-Cymbal CY-15R-MG Ride is offered in an eye-catching metallic-gray color surface to cosmetically match the new V-Hi-Hat, new V-Pads, and chrome-finished drum stand. They provide a natural swing-feel and accurate triggering and sensitivity across the entire cymbal surface. Includes three triggers (bow/bell/edge)Dual connection cablesWingnut, stopper and felt washerCable ties for a tidy setup
Roland H80986.001 – Roland V-Cymbal Ride for TD-30KV Metallic Grey – musical instruments

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