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Encore Notation

Encore Notation SoftwareEncore Music Notation for Windows and Mac

Encore is (since more than 20 years!) one of the leading Music software on the market. Almost 15 years after GVox purchased the intellectual property of Passport, Encore Notation is now “back” to Passport Music Software and still one of the best Music Notation software ever.
Encore is easy to use and a very powerful music notation program. Encore Notation fits the needs of every musician, whether you write some music for your students, notate your arrangement or print a score for a full orchestra.
With Passport Encore Notation 5 for Windows you can choose the menu in your own language: english, deutsch, français, nederlands and português.

With Encore Notation you can open all files from previous versions of all Passport Music Software like Encore Notation, MusicTime, MusicTime Deluxe and MasterTracks Software. If you own already an other Music Notation software, you can buy Encore 5 as a Sidegrade (Crossgrade) for very affordable price.

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Universal Audio Apollo Duo Audio Interface with Thunderbolt Option Card #9594wr

Universal Audio Apollo Duo Audio Interface with Thunderbolt Option CardApollo is one of the world’s most popular professional audio interfaces – delivering the sound, feel, and flow of analog recording to music creators everywhere. This 18 x 24 FireWire/ Thunderbolt-ready* interface combines class-leading sound quality with Realtime UAD Processing. So you can track audio through UAD analog emulation plug-ins – from Neve, Studer, Manley, Lexicon and more – in real time, with a sleek, elegant workflow on both Mac and Windows 7.With smart features including four ultra-transparent mic preamps, eight line inputs/ouputs, dual headphone outs, and front panel instrument inputs, Apollo has all the right tools, all in the right place.Class-Leading 24-bit/192 kHz Sound QualityDesigned to play a central role in a modern Mac- or Windows 7-based studio, Apollo incorporates an uncompromising approach to audio quality. Building upon decades of UA hardware heritage, it offers extremely high-resolution sound, with the lowest THD and highest dynamic range in its class. Apollo’s four premium mic preamps, top-end converters – and UA’s meticulous attention to circuit design – translate into greater accuracy and depth in your recordings, from tracking and overdubbing, to mixing and mastering. In fact, its sound quality is on par with dedicated converters costing thousands more.Realtime DUO Core UAD Plug-In Processing for Tracking, Mixing, and MasteringWhile Apollo’s “natural” sound is exceedingly open and transparent, it can quickly deliver a wide range of classic analog tones and color via its Realtime UAD Processing. With DUO Core processing onboard, Apollo’s onboard DSP Acceleration allows for recording through UAD Powered Plug-Ins – with as low as sub-2ms latency – so that producers can quickly monitor, audition, and “print” audio using classic analog emulations from Ampex, Lexicon, Manley, Neve, Roland, SSL, Studer, and more.** Better still, Apollo’s Realtime UAD Processing is also available during mixing and mastering, so that music producers can use UAD plug-ins (VST, RTAS, AU) throughout the creative process.Thunderbolt Connectivity for MacsApollo offers compatibility with Intel’s new high-bandwidth Thunderbolt technology on Macs. Available via a user-installable dual-port Thunderbolt Option Card, Thunderbolt provides greater UAD plug-in instances, improved performance at high sample rates, and reduced UAD plug-in latency in the DAW versus Apollo’s standard FireWire connection.Because Thunderbolt offers many times the bandwidth of FireWire, it allows music producers to connect numerous devices in series with the Apollo interface – including hard drives, processors, and additional computer monitors – all with fast, flawless performance. Thunderbolt also makes it easy to expand UAD plug-in processing power via a Thunderbolt-to-PCIe chassis and UAD-2 DSP Accelerator card(s).Deeper Integration with Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase and MoreApollo’s Core Audio and ASIO drivers ensure compatibility with all major DAWs, including Pro Tools, Logic
Universal Audio J04496L – Universal Audio Apollo Duo Audio Interface with Thunderbolt Option Card – musical instruments

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MXL V69XM Tube Condenser Mic #4412wq

MXL V69XM Tube Condenser MicInternally wired with world-class Mogami cable, the MXL V69XM is a versatile vacuum tube condenser microphone with a 32mm capsule and transformer-balanced output for extremely high levels of tonal quality. The MXL mic is a perfect complement to analog and digital recording devices and will give you superb vocal and instrument reproduction for years to come. Transformer-balanced output for smooth sound12AT7 dual triode vacuum tubeUpdated grill design complements capsuleComes with shockmount, power supply, 15′ 7-pin Mogami cable, 15′ XLR Mogami microphone cable, cleaning cloth & flight case3-year warranty/1-year tube
MXL 621066 – MXL V69XM Tube Condenser Mic – musical instruments

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Peavey PV 15M 15″ Floor Monitor #1074xt

Peavey PV 15M 15Rated at 500W program and 1,000W peak power handling capability and housed in a rugged, trapezoidal cab, the Peavey PV 15M Monitor Speaker is made to take road and rock-show abuse. It features a 15″ Sheffield Pro 1200+ premium woofer and a 14XT 1″ titanium-diaphragm compression driver connected to a constant-directivity horn. Peavey’s exclusive Sound Guard IV high-frequency driver protection keeps burning the highs. 2 – 1/4″ parallel inputs allow easy daisy chaining. The cab angles at either 30 or 45 degrees from the floor or can be pole mounted. You get top quality performance from a very affordable, low-profile stage monitor! 2-way floor monitor500W program power handling68Hz to 17kHz frequency range15″ Sheffield Pro 1500+ woofer with 2-1/2″ voice coil14XT compression driver with titanium diaphragm, 1″ exit90 x 40 CD hornSound Guard IV tweeter protectionCarpet coveringSteel handleHeavy duty metal grilleDie-cast aluminum pole mount
Peavey 601421L – Peavey PV 15M 15″ Floor Monitor – musical instruments

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Audix F-50S Buy Two and SAVE!!! #9710si

Audix F-50S Buy Two and SAVE!!!The F50 dynamic moving-coil microphone is designed to handle a wide variety of vocal and instrument applications in both live sound and recording. F50-S features a noiseless magnetic on-off switch. Characterized with a wide cardioid pickup pattern and a frequency response of 50??16kHz, the F50 is designed with slight bass proximity and mid-range presence. This results in a warm natural response for nearly every type of voice. The F50 is engineered to handle very high levels of gain without distortion and will provide over 20dB of off-axis feedback rejection. Low impedance and balanced output allow interference-free performance even with long cable runs. The F50 is solidly build with a cast zinc alloy body and steel mesh grill ball with an internal pop screen. Professional performance at affordable priceTailored to sound excellent on nearly all voicesNoiseless on/off switchRoad worthy construction
Audix 271049 – Audix F-50S Buy Two and SAVE!!! – musical instruments

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Kustom Pa Kpx112 12″ Speakers With Phonic Powerpod 820 Pa Package 2 #5595xu

Kustom Pa Kpx112 12We’ve taken the guesswork out of setting up your own personal PA system and put together a package with everything a band, presenter or house of worship may need for their next event with a much lower price tag than buying everything a la carte. Included in this live sound package is a Phonic Powerpod 820 powered mixer, a pair of Kustom KPX112 12″ passive PA speakers, an Audio-Technica M4000S handheld vocal microphone, and all of the accessories you’ll need to get set up. This is a great bundle for medium-sized events and venues.Phonic Powerpod 820 Powered MixerThe Phonic Powerpod 820 is a 200W (@ 4 ohms), 12-input powered mixer with two paired stereo inputs and four mono mic/line channels each with individual phantom power. The ultralow-noise preamps and 75Hz (18dB/oct.) low-cut filters ensure high-fidelity sound and elimination of unwanted sounds like stage rumble, P-pops, wind noise, and low frequency recording studio room resonance. The audio mixer has a 3-band EQ on every channel and onboard DFX, our 32-bit digital effects processor, with 16 preset programs and parameter control give you mastery over your mix.Kustom KPX112 12″ Passive PA SpeakerThe Kustom KPX 112 passive speaker cabinet packs a lot of value into an inexpensive package. This full-range cabinet offers fantastic audio quality. A specially-voiced crossover maintains clear separation of frequencies for crisp detailed sound reproduction. The cabinet’s 12″ woofer delivers punchy low frequencies, while the horn reproduces all the clear high-end tones. The KPX112 is equipped with two parallel input/output jacks which allow additional passive cabinets to be connected (do not connect to powered speaker cabinets). The KPX series has been designed to withstand years of active duty with sturdy metal grills, stout handles, and a high quality, heavy-duty finish. The cabs also offer a 1 3/8 pole mount insert.Audio-Technica M4000S Handheld Dynamic MicrophoneThe handheld Audio-Technica M4000S dynamic microphone combines professional features with a ridiculously affordable price tag. Audio-Technica tailors the M4000S mic’s frequency response for voice reproduction. Great feedback rejection and focused pickup are due to the A-T microphone’s unidirectional polar pattern. The M4000S Audio-Technica mic also is equipped with a handy On/Off switch for convenience.Audio-Technica professional microphone enhancements include a balanced XLR output, and a mic clip. Whether you’re on the road, in the studio, or just performing at local gigs. Expect the all-metal Audio-Technica M4000S microphone to provide you with years of trouble-free use. Powerpod 820 MixerTwo KPX112 12″ Passive SpeakersM4000S Handheld Dynamic MicrophoneTripod Mic Stand with Fixed BoomTwo All-Steel Tripod Speaker StandTwo 25′ Speaker Cables20′ XLR Microphone Cable
Kustom PA J18092 – Kustom Pa Kpx112 12″ Speakers With Phonic Powerpod 820 Pa Package 2 – Kustom PA, Live Sound Packages

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The Singing Machine SML343 Karaoke System Black #1071ow

The Singing Machine SML343 Karaoke System BlackKaraoke is here to stay. The Singing Machine Classic series blows the roof off your mother’s karaoke, pumping your favorite music out of a lightweight package. The SML343 features a front loading CD Player that plays music CDs and CD+Graphics. The disco light feature kicks up your performance with extra glam. Line-in lets you connect to other audio devices (sold separately). RCA output jacks connect to your TV to scroll the lyrics, and the two microphone jacks allow you to sing a duet without sharing a microphone (one microphone included). The built-in speaker provides powerful sound. Auto Voice ControlBalance ControlBuilt-in SpeakerCD PlayerCD+G PlayerEcho ControlLED lightsLine-in
The Singing Machine J14751.002 – The Singing Machine SML343 Karaoke System Black – musical instruments

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Peavey FX2 32 32-Channel Mixer with Digital Output Processing #6123qe

Peavey FX2 32 32-Channel Mixer with Digital Output ProcessingThe Peavey FX2 32 features twice the processing power of the original. FX2 Series mixers feature Peavey-exclusive technology to enhance live sound reproduction and project studio recording, including Silencer mic preamps, which allow very high gain with low noise and distortion for crystal-clear signal reproduction. The four pre-fader auxes per channel provide four monitor mixes, while the two post-fader auxes are ideal for adding effects (built-in or outboard). These mixers also include dual DSP engines that allow multiple simultaneous effects assignable to any channel via aux 5/6.Onboard effects include reverb, reverb enhanced, delay, compression, expander, de-esser, chorus, flanger, tube emulator, vocal enhancer and gate. Chain two processors together on each of the two available effects windows. The digital output processing section includes Feedback Ferret, dual 5-band Parametric EQ or dual 28-band Graphic EQs, digital delay lines, and dynamics/limiters. The output section can be configured for Stereo, Dual Mono or Subwoofer mode with a built-in electronic crossover.The mixer features dual USB 2.0 ports, and the “A” USB connector allows streaming of digital audio directly to a computer or memory stick as well as exclusive, built-in MP3 compression. You can record your rehearsals, songwriting sessions or live performances directly to an inexpensive USB stick … no other hardware needed and then transfer them to your computer to burn CDs or to transmit electronically. Or insert a memory stick to playback audio files for use between sets. High-power dual DSP engine with improved digital effects and output processing including Feedback Ferret, 28-band GEQ/5-band PEQ, delay and limiterUSB 2.0 “A” connection to record directly to or playback from memory stickUSB 2.0 “B” connection for streaming digital out3-band EQ with sweepable mid-frequency and variable low cut filters2 stereo channels with dual mic/line inputs48 volt phantom power6 Aux sends4 subgroups100mm fadersDouble the processing power of the orginal FX SeriesAll new switching power supply design is more efficient than the originalSilencer mic preamp XLR inputs
Peavey H98320L – Peavey FX2 32 32-Channel Mixer with Digital Output Processing – musical instruments

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Rode Microphones NT1000 Microphone Regular 888365460062 #4766tz

Rode Microphones NT1000 Microphone Regular 888365460062The R?DE NT1000 Mic has a large capsule, ultralow noise and transformerless circuitry for astounding clarity and dynamic range. Internal capsule shockmounting, satin nickel body, welded mesh head for stability and durability. Full frequency response.Requires phantom power. Gold-plated membraneLarge capsuleTransformerless circuitryInternal shockmountingSatin nickel bodyWelded mesh head
Rode Microphones 271576M.005 – Rode Microphones NT1000 Microphone Regular 888365460062 – musical instruments

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QSC PL340 PowerLite Amplifier #4691uq

QSC PL340 PowerLite AmplifierThe PowerLight 3 Series is designed for the most demanding live audio users, whether in touring rigs or fixed installations. The most requested features of the PowerLight 2 series have been upgraded to deliver “the ultimate analog amplifier”, while the QSC Dataport ensures full compatibility with Q-Sys and systems.The PowerLight 3 Series is designed for the most demanding live audio users, whether in touring rigs or fixed installations. The most requested features of the PowerLight 2 series have been upgraded to deliver “the ultimate analog amplifier”, while the QSC Dataport ensures full compatibility with advanced digital processing and Three models range in power from 1250 watts to 4000 watts per channel at two ohms, all in two-rack space chassis that are only 15.6″ (40 cm) deep and 22 lbs (10 kg).Q-Sys CompatibleIn addition to higher power, the PowerLight 3 Series offers higher input voltage, selectable sensitivity, and easily adjusted rear panel switches with color coded LED indicators. For those users who simply want a high performance amplifier to go with their existing processor or console, the PowerLight 3 Series is an ideal choice, offering high power, excellent value, and zero signal latency. When complete integration of amplifier control, monitoring and DSP is desired, the PowerLight 3 Series is fully compatible with the BASIS networked audio platform, with its comprehensive drag and drop DSP functionality. Simpler DSP requirements can be met with the DSP-4 processing module.EIA 1 kHz 1% THDComprehensive full range power ratings with explanations can be found in the following paper: Full Range Power Ratings for PL3 Series (PDF 308K) The flagship of the PowerLight 3 Series is the new 8000 watt PL380. This highly refined, all-switchmode amplifier incorporates nearly 40 years of QSC engineering experience, resetting expectations for Class D audio quality. The PL380 combines a pair of 4000 watt Class D amplifier channels with the well proven PowerLight supply, to deliver more than twice as much audio power as previous 2 rack unit PowerLight amplifiers. Reactive “back EMF” from the speaker is recycled to the power supply, and unmatched “plug-to-plug” efficiency of 85% keeps AC power needs to a minimum, while delivering more energy to the speaker.Years of patient development have resulted in outstanding 20Hz – 20kHz audio performance, plus complete protection from normal hazards of the trade. Even simple features such as dependably silent, surge-free on/off switching indicate the special care taken to keep things safely under control. The most pronounced “sonic signature” of the PL380 is one of immense headroom, sailing through even the most difficult loads with no signs of stress or change of tonality.For lower power applications, the PL325 and PL340 offer the same feature set, matched to upgraded versions of QSC’s most advanced linear amplifier platform. Recent advances in power supply capacitors
QSC J07368 – QSC PL340 PowerLite Amplifier – musical instruments

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