ZVex Fuzzolo Fuzz Guitar Effects Pedal #2108hy

ZVex Fuzzolo Fuzz Guitar Effects PedalThe Fuzzolo is a silicon fuzz with a rich subby ripping texture and aggressive midrange, with plenty of volume on tap. Because of the way it preserves the bottom end of your signal, it works great on both guitar and bass. It has two knobs, one controlling Volume and the other controlling Pulse Width. The pulse width knob adjusts the shape of the waveform, radically changing the harmonic structure from a square wave on the left to narrow pulses on the right. So what you get is a raging beast on one side and a splatty, gated fuzz effect on the other. It comes in a micro sized enclosure, which is great for saving precious real estate on a pedal board. Rich, subby, ripping texture and aggressive midrangePlenty of volume on tapWorks great with guitar or bassVolume and Pulse Width controlsMicro-sized enclosure to fit on the most crowded of pedalboards
ZVex J11395 – ZVex Fuzzolo Fuzz Guitar Effects Pedal – musical instruments

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