Vox Professional Acoustic Guitar Cable 13′ #2502un

Vox Professional Acoustic Guitar Cable 13'The Vox Professional acoustic guitar cable features multi-gauge conductors to give optimum performance at all sound frequencies. Voxuses the finest grade 99.99% purity, oxygen-free, copper cable conductors for superior sound. Experience maximum noise isolation throughthe use of two separate shields. Premium quality, abrasion resistant, high-temperature PVC jacket provides maximum durability, and precision machined, gold-plated connectors with one-piece tip are used for maximum conductivity and reliability. One connector is straight for connection to your amp and one is right angled so it hangs neatly and safely from your guitar jack. Precision formulated polypropylene dielectric gives a better signal transfer and unique sound quality. Multi-gauge conductors2 separate shieldsPVC jacketGold-plated connectors – 1 straight, 1 right-anglePolypropylene dielectric
Vox 330193.772 – Vox Professional Acoustic Guitar Cable 13′ – Vox, Instrument Cables

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