Universal Audio Apollo Duo Audio Interface with Thunderbolt Option Card #9594wr

Universal Audio Apollo Duo Audio Interface with Thunderbolt Option CardApollo is one of the world’s most popular professional audio interfaces – delivering the sound, feel, and flow of analog recording to music creators everywhere. This 18 x 24 FireWire/ Thunderbolt-ready* interface combines class-leading sound quality with Realtime UAD Processing. So you can track audio through UAD analog emulation plug-ins – from Neve, Studer, Manley, Lexicon and more – in real time, with a sleek, elegant workflow on both Mac and Windows 7.With smart features including four ultra-transparent mic preamps, eight line inputs/ouputs, dual headphone outs, and front panel instrument inputs, Apollo has all the right tools, all in the right place.Class-Leading 24-bit/192 kHz Sound QualityDesigned to play a central role in a modern Mac- or Windows 7-based studio, Apollo incorporates an uncompromising approach to audio quality. Building upon decades of UA hardware heritage, it offers extremely high-resolution sound, with the lowest THD and highest dynamic range in its class. Apollo’s four premium mic preamps, top-end converters – and UA’s meticulous attention to circuit design – translate into greater accuracy and depth in your recordings, from tracking and overdubbing, to mixing and mastering. In fact, its sound quality is on par with dedicated converters costing thousands more.Realtime DUO Core UAD Plug-In Processing for Tracking, Mixing, and MasteringWhile Apollo’s “natural” sound is exceedingly open and transparent, it can quickly deliver a wide range of classic analog tones and color via its Realtime UAD Processing. With DUO Core processing onboard, Apollo’s onboard DSP Acceleration allows for recording through UAD Powered Plug-Ins – with as low as sub-2ms latency – so that producers can quickly monitor, audition, and “print” audio using classic analog emulations from Ampex, Lexicon, Manley, Neve, Roland, SSL, Studer, and more.** Better still, Apollo’s Realtime UAD Processing is also available during mixing and mastering, so that music producers can use UAD plug-ins (VST, RTAS, AU) throughout the creative process.Thunderbolt Connectivity for MacsApollo offers compatibility with Intel’s new high-bandwidth Thunderbolt technology on Macs. Available via a user-installable dual-port Thunderbolt Option Card, Thunderbolt provides greater UAD plug-in instances, improved performance at high sample rates, and reduced UAD plug-in latency in the DAW versus Apollo’s standard FireWire connection.Because Thunderbolt offers many times the bandwidth of FireWire, it allows music producers to connect numerous devices in series with the Apollo interface – including hard drives, processors, and additional computer monitors – all with fast, flawless performance. Thunderbolt also makes it easy to expand UAD plug-in processing power via a Thunderbolt-to-PCIe chassis and UAD-2 DSP Accelerator card(s).Deeper Integration with Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase and MoreApollo’s Core Audio and ASIO drivers ensure compatibility with all major DAWs, including Pro Tools, Logic
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