Seydel Orchestra S Session Steel Harmonica Key Of Low F #1817ms

Seydel Orchestra S Session Steel Harmonica Key Of Low FThe ORCHESTRA S Session Steel Harmonica is a 10-hole, solo-tuned harmonica (orchestra-tuning). As with the chromatic harmonica, all notes from the major scale are available throughout a two-and-a-half octave range.The ORCHESTRA S offers even moreTypically, the root note is found in hole 1-blow. The ORCHESTRA S places the root note at hole 3-blow, and half of the lower octave is added to holes 1 and 2. Since many players miss some of the notes on the standard Richter-tuned diatonic harmonica in the lower register the ORCHESTRA S allows them to hit the missing notes without having to apply a bending technique. The root note of the diatonic major scale is marked on the coverplate – it starts in 3 blow.This makes the ORCHESTRA S an ideal soloing instrument; the ten-hole design makes the Orchestra-S compact enough to take your melodies anywhere.The note layout is basically the same as that of a chromatic harmonica, making the ORCHESTRA S a great starting harmonica for learning to play a chromatic. The compact size combined with SEYDEL’s durability makes the ORCHESTRA S a good choice for musical education in schools.The ORCHESTRA S opens new possibilities to blues harmonica players by making it easy to play minor pieces (3rd position) with a sound similar to solos played on a chromatic, thanks to the solo-tuning. They will also appreciate the extended major scale in the lower register. The root note of the dominant chord is available in the hole 1-draw, making it similar to playing in 2nd position on a standard Richter-tuned harmonica.Seasoned blues players will find all the notes of the blues scale through natural notes and bent notes, bringing soul and color to their blues improvisation. Solo-tuning in a ten-hole, compact harmonicaExpanded tonal range in the lower register (Orchestra tuning)Stainless-steel reeds, coverplates, and screws combined for unparalleled durability (outlasting brass-reed models by up to five-times)Anti-corrosive, German-silver reedplatesLip-friendly, translucent carmine red plastic comb (ABS) with recessed reedplatesProtective, full-grain leather pouch included
SEYDEL J21944.005 – Seydel Orchestra S Session Steel Harmonica Key Of Low F – SEYDEL, Harmonicas

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