SEYDEL Blues Noble 1847 Harmonica Low F# #2311jx

SEYDEL Blues Noble 1847 Harmonica Low F#The Seydel Blues Noble 1847 Harmonica represents the enhanced development of the successful 1847 Blues models with stainless steel reeds. It’s the crown jewel of the 1847 Blues harmonica collection. An instrument built without compromise; made from only the best materials available and with over 160 years of SEYDELs harmonica making experience.Key features New coverplates; matted stainless steel covers with side-vents (openings on both sides) optimized sound projection and distribution of airflow if playing fully cupped Cone-shaped lower coverplate for low keys (LF to LC) – minimized reed rattling in holes 1 and 2 draw, even if played hard new comb accurately milled from aluminium, anodized in black and with the SEYDEL logo laser-engraved on the back – superb air-tightness and improved handling due to the greater weight of the instrument New tactile oval key stickers- hard wearing and removes the danger of holding the instrument the wrong way round, even in the dark Approved corrosion-free fine-cut reedplates made of German Silver fixed with stainless steel screws – extremely close tolerances between slot and reed for best possible tone control for the player Precisely factory adjusted, pitch-stable and durable reeds and rivets both made of Stainless Steel – optimal tone response and a full sound Superior Diatonic harmonica with aluminum combGerman silver reedplatesstainless steel reeds & stainless steel coverplates100% waterproof
SEYDEL J24648.016 – SEYDEL Blues Noble 1847 Harmonica Low F# – musical instruments

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