Randall 667 120W Guitar Tube Amp Head Black #3299sk

Randall 667 120W Guitar Tube Amp Head BlackThis 120-watt, 6-channel all-tube mega amplifier has six modes per channel, seven MIDI programmable functions per channel, and six gain and volume controls with three-way bright switch for each. Each bank of three EQ sections contain three-way Tone stack shift and separate presence and depth controls. the 667 Amphead has Dual MIDI switchable master volumes, dual MIDI switchable series/parallel loops, and seven MIDI assignable functions for each channel as follows: Channel select, Boost, Low/Medium/High gain voicing, master volume 1/2 select, Loop/Loop2 select and Store. It also has Individual metering and bias controls. Though it has heavy-duty metal front/rear grilles, corners and edging, the dual top handles make lifting it easy. Power: 120W (tube)Tubes: nine 12AX7; four 6L6Six channelsSix modesSeven MIDI-assignable channel functionsControls: Each bank of controls features a 3-way EQ, tone stack shift, presence, depth, dual gain; master volumeImpedance: 4, 8, 16 ohmsMIDI-switchable series and parallel FX loopsFootswitch sold separately
Randall J14882.001 – Randall 667 120W Guitar Tube Amp Head Black – Randall, Tube Guitar Amplifier Heads

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