Pyware 3D Professional Edition #4387lm

Pyware 3D Professional Edition3D Professional version 7 includes advanced 3D features for designing and printing drill, interactive features of 3D Online Accounts and Pyware plug-ins. Pyware 3D Online seamlessly uploads and downloads drills to clients, students, performers, and potential drill design customers worldwide. 3D Professional is compatible with the 3D family of interactive software. Additionally, 3D Professional includes Performer’s Practice Tools (a suite of personal practice tools for performers to use at home) and 3D Director’s Viewer. 3D plug-ins included with 3D Professional are Floor Covers, Traditional Design Tools, and Spiral Tool. 3 Installation LicensesAll of 3D Java for designing and printing drills3D Online Account for sharing drills onlineCompatible with 3D Performer’s Practice ToolsCompatible with 3D Director’s ViewStore up to 40 Online Drill/Production filesIncludes Floor Covers Plug-InIncludes Traditional Tools Plug-InIncludes Spiral Tool Plug-InSoftware comes preinstalled on a USB thumb drive
Pyware 580094 – Pyware 3D Professional Edition – Pyware, Marching Design & Instruction Tools

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