Protection Racket Hardware Bag with Wheels 28 in. #5904gm

Protection Racket Hardware Bag with Wheels 28 in.This Protection Racket Rolling Hardware Bag is 47? x 18? x 10?. Designed wide and not-too-high for even distribution of your hardware. Coffin style opening for ease of use. Two ergonomic rubber handles at either end. Poly-prop runs up both ends and down the base of the case for strength and rigidity, complimented with plastic runners which run the length of the base for even more protection. Funky clear inline skate wheels. 19″ x 7″ x 2″ zipped pocket. Each case can accommodate up to 12 cymbal stands.Using Protection Racket’s unique Propadd foam for it’s shock resistant characteristics, the cases are rugged in construction and lightweight in design. The cases use clever internal dividing system to create a flexible number of compact, snug compartments to separate the individual components of the kit. From wires to pedal and drum brain to drum pads, Protection Racket have created exclusive cases which will keep everything organized, protected, and stored in a compact way.Protection Racket musical instrument cases are designed, developed and road tested by gigging musicians who appreciate exactly what’s required from an instrument case. Virtually weightless transportation and effortless to use one piece construction with maximum protection. At the end of a gig, you’ve no need to muck about with lids, buckles and straps.
Protection Racket J15294.002 – Protection Racket Hardware Bag with Wheels 28 in. – musical instruments

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