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Presonus StudioLive 312AI LoudspeakerThe ???StudioLive 312AI delivers studio-monitor quality to high-demand live sound environments. Studio monitors are designed to accurately reproduce music across a broad spectrum without signal loss or distortion but they can’t handle the SPL demands of a live show. Conventional PA speakers can deliver plenty of volume, but except for very high-end systems, they can’t deliver the extremely clear, accurate sound one expects in a studio. The StudioLive AI-series Active Integration Loudspeakers can deliver studio-monitor accuracy on stage-at a price that’s acceptable for most performing musicians. Using the exact same coaxial technology that’s in the Sceptre active studio monitors, PreSonus was able to create a loudspeaker that performs just like a very large, loud and extremely accurate studio reference monitor. Combine all of this technology with sophisticated networking and iPad control, and your live mixes will never be the same!Introducing the 312AIThe StudioLive 312AI is an active PA speaker system with a 12-inch ferrite woofer and an 8-inch midrange driver and 1.75-inch titanium compression driver that are configured in a unique coaxial design and are driven by 2,000 watts of triamped, Class D amplification (1,000W for the woofer, 500W for the midrange driver, and 500W for the tweeter).The rear of the StudioLive AI-series full-range systems reveals a combo XLR/TRS line input and an XLR microphone input with an XMAX Class A mic preamplifier and 12V phantom power, as well as an XLR mix output. In addition to the input mixer, you get speaker level-attenuation control and USB and Ethercon connections.The lightweight plywood enclosure is pole-mountable and has two ergonomic side handles, interlocking stacking, and M10 fly points. StudioLive AI-series full-range loudspeakers feature dual-position pole mounts that allow you to mount the speaker atop a stand at 90 degrees or at a 10-degree downward tilt. Using the downward-tilt mount will focus the loudspeaker’s energy onto the audience and avoid destructive reflections. This is ideal for situations where the loudspeaker is mounted atop a tripod stand and placed on a stage or where the pole-mounted loudspeaker is on the floor and the coverage area is relatively shallow (conference, coffee house, etc.).Coaxial designMulti-way, non-coaxial speaker designs have long been the way to go in speaker applications. But they suffer from the changing relationship between the listener and the speaker elements: When you move around in the coverage area, the sound is inconsistent. Even more troublesome, the crossover point between the drivers can sometimes be audible.?Coaxial systems solve this by having the drivers on the same axis, thus providing a single point source for a consistent acoustic center. This results in symmetry of response on both the horizontal and vertical axis, at any given angle. The crossover transition is seamless (inaudible) at all angles. (By “symmetry,” we mean that whatever response is o
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