Pedal Pad MPS-XL III C NP Pedalboard #2361qg

Pedal Pad MPS-XL III C NP PedalboardThe MPS-XL III C NP features MKS’ patented adjustable lower tier where individual sections can either be stair-stepped for smaller pedals or elevated to accommodate larger pedals. The MPS-XL III C NP does not include power, so players can mount their existing power supplies on the pedal surface or below the powdercoated pedal panels where excess cable lengths, power strips and wall warts can also be stowed. A standard connector set, which includes a double female TRS ” input jack, two output jacks on the audience side and a dual inlet/outlet AC socket are mounted externally to the exterior of the pedalboard. The MPS-XL III C is covered in black Tolex with professional hardware and has a detachable lid. Includes quick-release hex tool for adjusting panels and heavy-duty hook and loop fastener Rigid aluminum panels with cable routing slotsDetachable lid hinges1/2″ Void-Free Baltic Birch (9-ply)Any panel on bottom tier can be elevated to meet the pitch of the top tier in order to accomodate longer pedalsQuick release hex screw for quick access to lower compartments and to utilize patented adjustable pitchRugged flight case hardwareVelcro included
Pedal Pad J09778L – Pedal Pad MPS-XL III C NP Pedalboard – musical instruments

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