Nady Uhf-4 Handheld Wireless System Band 14 #2752sb

Nady Uhf-4 Handheld Wireless System Band 14The Nady UHF-4 Handheld Wireless System offers offers high-quality wireless at an amazingly affordable price. Here’s live sound wireless with interference-free operation on select UHF frequencies; companding circuitry for a 120dB dynamic range; and clear, natural sound. A Nady DigiTRU Diversity dual-antenna system prevents dropouts and extends range. Tone Squelch blocks potential interference. The Nady UHF-4 wireless system’s full LED indicators keep you on top of things. Nady includes unbalanced 1/4″ and unbalanced XLR outputs and silent transmitter on/off. The Nady UHF-4 wireless system includes a receiver and a hand-held microphone transmitter. The microphone has a Nady DM-10D unidirectional neodymium dynamic cartridge for true sound, maximum feedback rejection, and minimal handling noise. The transmitter offers status and low-battery indication and an off/standby/on switch. A 9V alkaline or NiMH battery provides 4-6 hours of continuous usage. Interference-free operation on select UHF frequencies from 794 to 865MHzHalf-rack receiver designDual folding antennas on front panelExclusive Nady companding circuitry for a 120dB dynamic rangeClear, natural soundTone Squelch for locking out potential interferenceDigiTRU Diversity for maximum range and dropout protectionFull LED indicatorsBoth 1/4″ unbalanced and XLR balanced outputsNoiseless transmitter ON/OFF switching
Nady 502793.914 – Nady Uhf-4 Handheld Wireless System Band 14 – Nady, Handheld Microphone Wireless Systems

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