Morgan Hr Jazz Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece 5M #1230dr

Morgan Hr Jazz Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece 5MThese Morgan jazz alto saxophone mouthpieces are made from the finest pure hard rubber. The formulation for the rubber is exclusive to the Morgan Company and is the same formula used by top mouthpiece makers in the 1920s-1950s, with no synthetic additives.Morgan jazz alto sax mouthpieces are available in 3 chambers: medium, medium large and large.The medium mouthpiece has a round chamber with a smooth rollover baffle. It has a long S-curved roof to produce that pop you want without sharpness in the palm keys. It has an even response from low Bb to as high as you want. The saxophone mouthpiece has a compact, centered, brilliant sound with maximum control and flexibility.The Medium-Large Chamber produces a darker core tone with more edge than the L Chamber.The large chamber mouthpiece has a larger rounder throat area that produces a warmer, darker, and more soaring sound. A long rollover baffle provides excellent projection and power.
Morgan 429932.903 – Morgan Hr Jazz Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece 5M – Morgan, Alto Saxophone Mouthpieces

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