Meinl Snare Cajon Walnut Finish Frontplate #7352ne

Meinl Snare Cajon Walnut Finish FrontplateThe Meinl Snare Cajon has a full set of snare wires that touch the frontplate from the inside creating a rattle or sizzle effect. A knurled knob adjusts the amount of pressure used to press the snare wires against the frontplate so the effect can range between light and sensitive to very loud. The snare can also be turned off completely. The frontplate’s top corners are adjustable with screws, which lets you control the crash or “slap” effect. Loosen them for a strong effect or close them down for a milder response. Choose carbon finish or white ebony frontplate. Adjustable top cornersInternal, adjustable snare wiresPadded sitting surfaceWide sound options
Meinl 580783.004 – Meinl Snare Cajon Walnut Finish Frontplate – musical instruments

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