Meinl Mb20 Heavy Crash 18 In. #4312vl

Meinl Mb20 Heavy Crash 18 In.The Mb20 Crash Cymbal has a mix of explosive power and tone for cutting projection.Meinl’s Mb20 series was created for one reason-high volume. The weights are all on the heavier side for that reason. But anyone can make a loud ride cymbal, the magic with the Mb20 series is that they are still musical and they feel good to play. The cymbals are handmade in Turkey using the traditional B20 bronze alloy and then the polishing process is performed in Germany. The finish is a super brilliant finish-perfect for stage lights, and Meinl has a special two-step buffing process. The cymbals are perfect for anything loud. B20 bronze alloyHand hammered into shapeBrilliant finishMusicality and maximum projection
Meinl 449786.193 – Meinl Mb20 Heavy Crash 18 In. – Meinl, Crash

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