Hennessey Guitar Strap Locks Pair Black #8095eb

Hennessey Guitar Strap Locks Pair BlackPush your axe in any direction and your strap will always remain locked on to your guitar. The Hennessey NSL7200 Strap Lock, with its safe and easy compress and release-action system, allows for easy removal of your strap and for a secure connection every time!Easy Installation:1. Unscrew the strap pin that came with your guitar.2. Remove the pin (1) from the lock (2).3. Screw the Hennessey pin and felt washer (1) on the guitar.4. Remove the fastening nut (3) from the back (2).5. Slide the lock (2) through the hole on your strap.6. Take the fastening nut (3), insert into the lock (2). Hold the lock by its lip (2) and tighten to the fastening nut (3). Construction: Die-Cast Steel
Hennessey 360789.001 – Hennessey Guitar Strap Locks Pair Black – Hennessey, Strap Locks

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