Godin MultiOud Nylon Acoustic-Electric Oud Natural HG #6439cf

Godin MultiOud Nylon Acoustic-Electric Oud Natural HGThe Godin MultiOud is based upon the ancient middle-eastern 11-string fretless instrument called the Oud. Inspired by the countless musicians struggling with the issues of tuning and amplifying such an instrument comes the Godin MultiOud.This Godin Multiac series addition will allow Oud players to be amplified in loud & live band settings for the first time and without feedback. It features custom voiced electronics with bridge & microphone options via an onboard preamp with built-in tuner. Godin took the MultiOud to a recording studio and used a variety of mics on it. When they found a sound they liked, they modeled that sound into the preamp’s circuitry. The result is selection of Oud miked sounds that won’t feedback and can be blended with the bridge pickup.Also, as opposed to previous Oud instruments, the MultiOud is a breeze to tune and keep in tune, thanks to specially engineered machine heads by Godin. Truly a fantastic instrument.The MultiOud is built and assembled in Richmond QC, Canada and includes a gig bag. Two-chambered Mahogany bodySolid Spruce TopMahogany neckEbony Fingerboard & bridgeCustom machine heads24″ (609.6 mm) fingerboard radius23.03″ (585 mm) scale1.6 ” (40.64 mm) nut width1/4″ outputCustom voiced electronics with bridge and microphone optionsIncludes gig bag
Godin H70909L.001 – Godin MultiOud Nylon Acoustic-Electric Oud Natural HG – musical instruments

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