Gemeinhardt Model 3 Flute Offset G, B-Foot #4790rm

Gemeinhardt Model 3 Flute Offset G, B-FootAs a student progresses and moves into an instrument with professional features, he or she would be well served to consider the Gemeinhardt Model 3. The model 3 flute offers the advanced feature of open tone holes, known as a French key mechanism. Excellent as a first open hole flute, the Gemeinhardt 3 offers a solid stepping stone for growing flutists.The Model 3 Flute features Gemeinhardt’s exclusive four-post foot joint construction for especially strong flutes, as well as a unique embouchure hole design, proportioned tone holes, and pad cups to ensure even response and extraordinary tone throughout all registers. Other features include an inline or offset G key, a triple-coated silver-plated finish, and a Y-arm mechanism.This package also includes a case, care products and a cleaning rod.
Gemeinhardt 464217.907 – Gemeinhardt Model 3 Flute Offset G, B-Foot – musical instruments

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