Fischer Amps Fischer Amps Alc 81 Charger #8611pw

Fischer Amps Fischer Amps Alc 81 ChargerFischer Amps’ half-rack space (9.5″) professional chargers use the same technology as their reliable 19″ rackmount chargers. With the rack-adapter supplied with each charger, a single charger or two chargers can be mounted into a 19″ rack. This allows the user to be flexible in every application.Fischer Amps have developed a new battery compartment for either AA or AAA batteries for the professional rackmount charger ALC 81. The handling of the battery drawers has been considerably improved, they can be opened much easier.The ALC 81’s new electronics charges very AA or AAA battery individually and offers a higher current of 800mAh for AA batteries with shorter charging times as well as an automatic detection of AAA batteriers with a charging current of 400mAh. 9.5″ steel housing 1U (44mm)All 9.5″ chargers can be mounted in a 19-inch rack, individually or two chargers next to each otherFast charging in 2 to 3 hours (with empty batteries)DeltaV cutoff with micro-controlled electronicsSeparate supervision per charging moduleNo memory effect when using NiMH rechargeable batteriesFaulty cells detectionTrickle charging after fast chargingCharging status indicator per moduleIntegrated switching power supply 90V to 250V AC without switchoverType of Charger ALC 81Operating voltage / frequency 90 – 250V AC / 50/60 Hz (automatic voltage adjustment)Max. input power 50 WType and number of batteries 8 pcs AA batteries (2850mAh) or AAA batteries (1000mAh) – individual chargingCharging current max. 8 x 800mA (AA), 8 x 400mA (AAA) – automatic detectionCharging time max. AA batteries 2850mAh 240 min, AAA batteries 1000mAh 150 minDimensions, W, H, D 219mm, 44mm, 195mmWeight (excluding batteries) 1.8 kg
Fischer Amps J16803 – Fischer Amps Fischer Amps Alc 81 Charger – Fischer Amps, Batteries

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