Canare XLR Lo-Z Cable 15 ft. #3453lp

Canare XLR Lo-Z Cable 15 ft.Canare’s XLR Lo-Z microphone cable benefits from the quality of their own L-4E6S+ which features the “Star-Quad” configuration and high-shield density to reduce hum and noise to less than 1/10 that of conventional 2-conductor mic cables. The Star Quad configuration is 4 inner conductors that provide a substantial improvement in rejection of EMI. Each inner conductor has 40 strands of small diameter (.000315″) copper wire that provide maximum flexibility and avoid breakage. Its polyethylene insulation is a better dielectric than rubber insulation, thereby reducing capacitive coupling for improved high-frequency response. Cotton filler acts as strain relief and also reduces handling noise by preventing changes in stray capacitance. The high density, braided shield blocks most static and other noise. Its tough, yet flexible jacket uses a specially formulated PVC compound which makes a tough and cold-resistant outer jacket that can be unpacked in extreme cold and used immediately. It is also durable enough to bend or twist while remaining safely flexible. Conductor: Multi-braided-rope OFC conductorInner conductor: 7/0.18mmOuter conductor: 7×7/0.12mmInsulation: Polyethelyene 3.0mmCarbon plastic shield: 3.4mmBraoided shield: 16/8/0.10mm OFC coverage 92% or moreJacket: PVC 6.0mmConductor D.C.R.: 25.7/kmShield D.C.R.: 25.8/kmCapacitance (1kHz): approx. 129pF/mOperating temperature range: -20C`+60C
Canare H79854.004 – Canare XLR Lo-Z Cable 15 ft. – musical instruments

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