BlowDry Brass Piston & Rotary Valve Brass Maintenance System #3136hp

BlowDry Brass Piston & Rotary Valve Brass Maintenance System
Everything needed to maintain a clean, pristine instrument & mouthpiece daily resides in this small pouch that easily fits into a gig bag for on the road and everyday practice sessions.New & RevolutionaryThis is NOT a cleaning product, but a drying product to be used on a clean horn once a day after your last session.BlowDry Brass dries out a CLEAN instrument & mouthpiece after use, thus KEEPING them CLEAN. This maintenance system eliminates the need to continually bathe your instrument, or use traditional brass cleaning products. Works for most small & medium bore instruments & associated mouthpieces (kit good for about 1 year).How BlowDry Brass worksThe isopropyl alcohol drench of the loaded foam BIT causes it to expand to approximately twice its size. This greatly enhances its pliability to move through the horn & to absorb moisture. Moisture left in the throat & backbore of a mouthpiece after use is wicked out by the cotton filled ramrod.Use BlowDry Brass once you have cleaned your hornUsing BlowDry Brass on a clean horn after playing removes nearly all of the moisture in the tubing & piston ports, thus eliminating the conditions that cause a horn to get dirty. This also eliminates the “Petri dish” environment that an unmaintained horn creates, which allows mold & bacteria build up in your horn. BlowDry Brass maintains a “healthy” horn All you need in this one kitPrevents dirt from accumulatingHelps keep your instrument free of bacteriaBetter maintenance means better sound and action
BlowDry Brass J03745 – BlowDry Brass Piston & Rotary Valve Brass Maintenance System – musical instruments

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