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Audix F-50S Buy Two and SAVE!!!The F50 dynamic moving-coil microphone is designed to handle a wide variety of vocal and instrument applications in both live sound and recording. F50-S features a noiseless magnetic on-off switch. Characterized with a wide cardioid pickup pattern and a frequency response of 50??16kHz, the F50 is designed with slight bass proximity and mid-range presence. This results in a warm natural response for nearly every type of voice. The F50 is engineered to handle very high levels of gain without distortion and will provide over 20dB of off-axis feedback rejection. Low impedance and balanced output allow interference-free performance even with long cable runs. The F50 is solidly build with a cast zinc alloy body and steel mesh grill ball with an internal pop screen. Professional performance at affordable priceTailored to sound excellent on nearly all voicesNoiseless on/off switchRoad worthy construction
Audix 271049 – Audix F-50S Buy Two and SAVE!!! – musical instruments

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