American DJ DMX Operator 384 #7371ww

American DJ DMX Operator 384The DMX Operator 384 is a 19″ rackmount DMX hardware controller for lighting effects that are compatible with DMX protocol. It also doubles as a Midi trigger devise. It will control up to 12 fixtures what 32 DMX channels each (384 total channels). There are 30 programmable scene banks with 240 total programmable scenes.The DMX Operator 384 features an assignable joystick for better programming control, eight control faders with four channel banks, a fog machine trigger (compatible with specific ADJ Foggers), and a RS-232 input to add a keyboard. Two controllers in one (DMX and MIDI controller)12 Fixtures – 32 DMX channels each, 384 total channels30 programmable scene banks- 240 total programmable scenes12 programmable chasesEight control faders x four channel banksAssignable JoystickSpeed and Fade fadersBuilt-in microphone or Line level RCA audio input for music triggerMIDI input for scene, chase or blackout triggerTap Sync button for chase speed over-rideFog Machine input and trigger button (For use with ADJ VF1300 only)RS-232 inputBlackout button
American DJ J19655 – American DJ DMX Operator 384 – musical instruments

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