Stagg Black Metal Bell 6 In. Medium #2304qj

Stagg Black Metal Bell 6 In. MediumThis strikingly unique Black Metal Bell is a fun, versatile cymbal hand-cast from heavy B20 bronze. The top surface has a dark, earthy, raw finish that contributes to its thick, focused, dry sound. The cymbal has a smooth lathed underside that allows it to pierce through the music with a brilliant resonance and a lengthy sustain. The large bell levels off into the lip.Because Black Metal Bells are hand-crafted, each one has a subtly varied shape and its own personality with individual tonality, volume, and colorations producing several unique voices, depending on where and how you strike it.BMB cymbals can also be stacked, played like mini-hats, inverted above larger cymbals, or held in the hand and played like percussion instruments.The smaller diameter cymbals are higher pitched while the larger ones are darker, with the 7″ versions having a wider range of pitch variation. The lighter versions have thinner sounds.
Stagg 490543.104.118 – Stagg Black Metal Bell 6 In. Medium – Stagg, Effect Cymbals

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