Shure 503BG Gooseneck Microphone #6128dq

Shure 503BG Gooseneck MicrophoneDeveloped for computer voice recognition applications, the Shure 503BG gooseneck microphone offers excellent voice fidelity while reducing background noise. The 503BG mic features a low-impedance, moving coil type transducer with an integral humbucking coil and an attached 2-conductor shielded cable with a built-in strain relief. It produces a frequency response with an essentially constant output voltage over the voice spectrum when used close to the sound source. The 503BG mounts to a gooseneck (not included), a fixed pipe or a microphone stand using a standard 5/8″-27 thread. It comes with an aluminum case with a black enamel finish.The 503BG mic maximizes performance in close-talking applications through its tailored frequency response, directionality and distance discrimination. It optimizes and controls sounds within the 100 to 7000 Hz frequency range and reduces sounds outside that range. The Shure microphone rejects noise through its inherent directional properties and discriminates against distant sounds in favor of close-range sounds. This gooseneck mic is highly suitable for close-talking applications such as paging and talkback.Note: There is no connector end. It is just the three bare wires for slipping into the tube when mounting. Optimized performance in voice processing and computer voice recognition applicationsSmooth frequency response with excellent fidelity in the voice rangeCardioid pickup pattern and close-talking operation keep unwanted signals and background noise at low levelsConstant output over voice spectrum when close talkedHumbucking coil minimizes undesirable hum effects such as CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) interferenceLow-impedance design permits long cable runs in extreme hum fieldsSmall unobtrusive design does not interfere with CRT visibilityFrequency response: 100 to 7,000 Hz
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