Pomarico Crystal Bb Clarinet Mouthpieces Emerald M #2411pi

Pomarico Crystal Bb Clarinet Mouthpieces Emerald MThe Pomarico Diamond Crystal mouthpiece for Bb clarinet is immediately responsive and easily controlled. The Pomarico proves ideal for chamber music and concert band settings. The Crystal Bb clarinet mouthpiece is available in three tip opening sizes (emerald, ruby, and diamond), each voiced in either a mellow or bright tone. Diamond is ideal for the classical or symphonic player. Ruby adds to the wonderfully dark crystal sound with the right opening for everybody’s needs. Diamond is especially designed to use soft reeds without sacrificing the sound quality of a stronger reed.Pomarico’s long experience making mouthpieces led them to the use what they believe is the best possible material to produce clarinet mouthpieces…crystal! This material is absolutely the best sound conductor, the most hygienic and will not change its shape over time. Each of Pomarico’s mouthpieces is entirely hand made, in pure Italian crystal from Tuscany.Being the largest producer of crystal mouthpieces, Pomarico is able to offer very high quality products at a very reasonable price; For this reason Pomarico mouthpieces are played and appreciated world-wide.Pomarico Bb Clarinet Mouthpieces Crystal (glass) mouthpieceMedium facing3 tip opening sizes each available voiced as mellow or bright
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