Odyssey Scrim Werks 4’X6′ Triangular Stretch Scrims White #4308bs

Odyssey Scrim Werks 4'X6' Triangular Stretch Scrims WhiteThe Odyssey Scrim Werks SPATRISM triangular scrims are designed to have a variety of functional and decorative uses. For mobile DJ set ups, used them with your speaker and lighting stands set ups for a cleaner and more professional look. One piece secures easily to any 2 bottom legs of your tripod and also to the lower pole tension knob covering 1/3 of the bottom tripod leg area. The SPATRILG can also be used for a wide variety of application such as temporary outdoor shading designs with multiple pieces or in conjunction with other Scrim Werks screen products. Other popular applications include indoor designs for theatrical or banquet backdrops with color wash lighting effects. 4′ x 6′ at maximum stretch point3′ x 5′ at minimum stretch point3 corner loop attachment pointsMade of high quality Lycra spandexMaterial recovers to original state after being stretchedFlame retardant treatedMachine washable (flame retardant must be retreated after washing)Carrying pouch and attachment straps includedCan be used with the following Odyssey tripod stands: LTMTS3Available in white and blackLighting effects and stand not included
Odyssey H72729.002 – Odyssey Scrim Werks 4’X6′ Triangular Stretch Scrims White – Odyssey, DJ Accessories

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