Meinl Mb10 Splash Cymbal 10″ #6390kc

Meinl Mb10 Splash Cymbal 10The Meinl Mb10 Splash Cymbal has a flexible, buttery feel with an outstanding crisp and well-balanced spread. Quick attack and decay with a bright and warm sound.Meinl set out to get a totally clean modern sound with no annoying overtones. They started out with a B10 bronze alloy that no one else uses, and shaped it meticulously with overlapped hammering and ultra-fine lathing. A two-step high-polish process is the finishing touch in creating the warm crisp sound of Mb10. The finished products are beautiful, with a mirror-like finish. The Mb10s are good for metal, punk, alternative, country, rock and pop. B10 bronze alloyInnovative conceptHigh-tech computerized hammeringCutting yet warm sound
Meinl 449866.153 – Meinl Mb10 Splash Cymbal 10″ – musical instruments

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