Lanikai TunaUke Concert Ukulele Natural #1973sj

Lanikai TunaUke Concert Ukulele NaturalThe Lanakai TunaUke Concert Ukulele features a mahogany top, back, sides and neck, and rosewood fingerboard with glass impregnated PRS nut and saddle. It also comes with chrome die-cast tuners with black buttons. But what really separates this concert uke from other concert ukes is Lanakai’s TunaUke Technology.There are many issues that cause poor intonation and Lanakai’s TunaUke Technology solves them all. With this technology Lanakai has achieved over a 90% improvement, helping you overcome all the intonation obstacles and have a ukulele that plays open chords in tune all the way up the neck.The first is the Compensated Nut: Between the four strings, the differences in string width and tension are substantial. By compensating the distance between the first fret and the nut we are able to make open chords sound as smooth as silk.The second is the Movable Saddle: Traditional straight saddles on a ukulele or any other fretted instrument are detrimental to good intonation. With nylon strings even “compensated saddles” are a complete fallacy. The issue is that nylon strings are by their nature, inconsistant. After much testing we found the only way to improve on this is to create movable saddle technology to allow the player to adjust the amount of compensation for each string. No tools are required and adjusting the intonation is as easy as pouring milk on cereal. Size: ConcertScale length: 15″Width at nut: 37mmNut material: Glass Impregnated PPSTop: MahoganyBack/sides: MahoganyTop and back binding: N/AMachines: Chrome die-cast with black buttonsNeck: MahoganyFretboard: RosewoodFretboard inlay: Dot on 5, 7, 10, 12Bridge: RosewoodSaddle material: Glass Impregnated PPSNeck/body joined: 14th fret# of frets: 18
Lanikai H95099.001 – Lanikai TunaUke Concert Ukulele Natural – musical instruments

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