Keeley Time Machine Boost Guitar Effects Pedal #4658ds

Keeley Time Machine Boost Guitar Effects PedalThe Keeley Time Machine Boost is a two-channel guitar preamp and booster effect pedal. It delivers a range of powerful guitar tones and is extremely effective for driving your tube amp into overdrive or saturation. The two channels are vintage and modern. The Vintage channel is inspired by the highly coveted and sought-after vintage germanium boost pedals favored by guitarists worldwide. The Modern channel gives you 23dB of pure, clean, transparent gain fueled by dual JFET transistors. The use of a special voltage-doubling IC gives the Time Machine lots of headroom. As with all Keeley-built electronics, this preamp and boost pedal incorporates top-of-the-line audiophile-quality parts like silver solder, teflon-coated wiring, and metal film caps and resistors. Guitar preamp and boost pedal2 channels: vintage and modernVintage side inspired by ’60s germanium-powered boost pedals23dB gain Modern channel uses dual JFET transistorsMaxim MAX1044 voltage doubling IC for lots of headroomAudiophile-quality parts and wiring
Keeley 150359 – Keeley Time Machine Boost Guitar Effects Pedal – musical instruments

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