Jacques MS-2 MeisterSinger Analog Chorus Pedal #1768qi

Jacques MS-2 MeisterSinger Analog Chorus PedalThe MS-2 was created to run the gamut of chorus sounds from vintage to modern, subtle to severe. Dial in effects for everything from near-invisible doubling to cosmic ray gun blurs to sea-sick vibtrato. Its secret is 100% analog circuitry combined with simple but versatile Rate and Depth knobs that possess a vastly extended range of control. The Effect Level control contains the power of a real audio mixer, allowing you to blend the wet output against the dry input signal. The MS-2 also excels at preserving the original tone of your guitar and amplifier setup, making your chorus sound completely unique, even among other MS-2 users.The MeisterSinger draws its inspiration from several time-tested analog chorus designs. First the T.C. Electronic Stereo Chorus/Flanger, for its super-silent operation and great, pure, professional chorusing, and ultrawide frequency range signal. Then Boss/Roland of course, with such wonderful vintage effects as the CE1, CE2, Dimension D, and Dimension C. Coron too, with its incredible, cheap-looking plastic wonder and last but not least the great Electro-Harmonix Small Clone. 100% analog, the MS-2 uses the coveted BBD ICs used in vintage units that are sadly now out of production. 100% analogWell builtVintage to modern soundsMono Rate, Depth, and Effect Level controlsUses BBD IC chips
Jacques 153027 – Jacques MS-2 MeisterSinger Analog Chorus Pedal – musical instruments

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