Gibson Dirty Fingers Humbucker Pickup #5927mm

Gibson Dirty Fingers Humbucker PickupThe Gibson Dirty Fingers Humbucker is the pickup so loud it refused to be silenced. The Dirty Fingers humbucker has returned after a 20-year absence to once again deliver the critical union between power and dirt. These Gibson bridge-only pickups are extreme-output units designed for more of everything. Much more clarity with way more volume than a traditional humbucker and an incredible, aggressive, wide response. The Gibson Dirty Fingers pickup comes with a 4-conductor lead and is wax-potted to eliminate unwanted microphonic feedback. Bridge-onlyExtreme-outputMore clarityMore volumeAggressive, wide response4-conductor leadWax potted
Gibson 304667 – Gibson Dirty Fingers Humbucker Pickup – musical instruments

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