Electro-Voice Evid 3.2 Series Wall Mount Speakers #7840pb

Electro-Voice Evid 3.2 Series Wall Mount SpeakersEVID 3.2Very Compact Full Range SpeakerThe EVID 3.2 is a very compact full-range loudspeaker ideal for indoor and outdoor applications requiring high-quality sound. Its shape and size make it nearly invisible for use in background/foreground music systems for restaurants, bars, patios, retail, and other applications.The 3.2’s three-dimensional elliptic baffle symmetrically locates the .75″ Ti direct radiator high-frequency element in front of and between the 3.5″ low-frequency drivers.The careful shaping, location, and 10 splaying of the LF units provide coverage control by the resulting line array. Lobing is controlled by physically “shadowing” the LF transducers from each other over the bandwidth where they would normally exhibit interference.EVID’s mounting system provides greater range of aiming angles in both horizontal and vertical planes than other types. The grille follows the use of curvature, with designed-in weather resistance and a hidden leash for safety.All models are available in black or white, and can easily be painted to match the dcor. Transformer versions are also available for constant voltage systems. 150 watts powerVertical Coverage of 100 degreesFrequency response 85Hz – 20kHz
Electro-Voice 472645 – Electro-Voice Evid 3.2 Series Wall Mount Speakers – Electro-Voice, Installed Speakers

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