Cruztools Groovetech Bass Player Tech Kit #4420pn

Cruztools Groovetech Bass Player Tech KitThe GrooveTech Bass Player Tech Kit was developed as an alternative kit optimized for you low-ender DIYers. The hex key set is matched to virtually all bass makes, and the string winder has been removed to save a couple of bucks. Like its guitar kit brethren, the GrooveTech Bass Kit has top-shelf tools that are lifetime guaranteed and stored in a pouch that will fit into most gig bags so you’ll never be caught in a jam during a jam. Its Easy Setup Guide will make you comfortable adjusting your truss rod, action, pickup, and intonation. After a few setups, you’ll immediately know when a minor tweak is needed, what tool you need, and how easy it is to do it. 6-in-1 screwdriver8 hex keys: 1.5mm, 4mm ball end, 5mm ball end, 0.050″, 1/16″, 5/64″, 7/64″, 3/16″ ball end15-blade thickness gauge6″ steel rulerCapoCuttersEasy set-up guideLifetime guaranteed and pro-grade
CruzTOOLS 580821 – Cruztools Groovetech Bass Player Tech Kit – CruzTOOLS, Accessory Value Packages for Fretted Instruments

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