Claude Lakey Original Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece 4* #9540ec

Claude Lakey Original  Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece 4*The Claude Lakey Hard Rubber Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece is available in five models ranging from 4* to 8*. Select from drop-down menu.The Original Clarinet mouthpiece helps you stand out in a crowd. Featuring the classic Lakey bright sound and a crispness that resonates up and down the register, youll find your signature sound in both solo and ensemble work. Claude handcrafted the first Original Clarinet mouthpieces, and in the tradition of innovation and quality, we still hand-craft all of our mouthpieces today. For students and professionals alike, this piece helps you find your unique voice.The Original Clarinet is particularly great for jazz and dixieland styles, but can also help you stand out in rock, funk, Klezmer, or other large ensemble settings. Giving you great freedom and access to the whole register, youll soon want to play the Original Clarinet for all genres. The versatility and playability of this piece is unmatched, and it will just as easily adapt to solo work as small or large ensembles!Each Claude Lakey mouthpieces comes with the Compass Ligature. Using BOAs patented reel technology, the Compass holds your reed while allowing the most breathability. It provides 30% more volume with less effort. The Compass has a universal fit, so you can use it with any of your other mouthpieces as well. The Compass is backed by a lifetime warranty, so not only will your reed breathe easier, but you will too. Bright sound with crisp highs and lowsGreat projectionFree blowing and easy to playHandcrafted for qualityMade from high quality compositeCompass Ligature and Cap included
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