Chauvet CHS-25 VIP Gear Bag #9169om

Chauvet CHS-25 VIP Gear BagThe CHS-25 VIP Gear Bag is perfect for carrying a small system of the popular SlimPAR 64 and SlimPAR 64 RGBA fixtures along with control and cabling to go along with it. Each bag has padded internal compartments large enough to hold up to 4 SlimPAR 64 fixtures, a small controller and cables to connect the system together. Protect your investment from bumps and scratches with these handsome Chauvet branded gear bags. Affordable, soft bag to transport LED par cans from show to showCustom designed to carry up to four CHAUVET lights, a controller and all connecting cablesFive internal compartments and two external compartments hold lots of accessories for entertainers on-the-goDividers are removable to accommodate various sized gear Designed to fit many different fixtures, including the SlimPAR 64Internally padded compartments to help secure and safe guard your investmentAccess each compartment quickly and easily to save time setting up and tearing down
Chauvet H90515 – Chauvet CHS-25 VIP Gear Bag – musical instruments

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