Bach Mega Tone Trumpet Mouthpieces in Gold 1C #1217pj

Bach Mega Tone Trumpet Mouthpieces in Gold 1C
The Bach Megatone gold mouthpieces use as their baseline the original Bach mouthpiece designs. They differ in that they possess more than double the outside mass of the original. The greater mass darkens the tone and permits a greater dynamic range than the original. They are additionally equipped with a larger throat that affords less resistance and further enhances the power a player is able to muster. They are popular among pop and jazz players, especially in environments where the horn is not being amplified in a public address system.These particular Bach Megatone mouthpieces are gold-plated versions of the Bach Megatone series. Gold plating provides a very comfortable and flexible feel, cannot tarnish or corrode and warms up faster than a silver plate. Their hypoallergenic properties are also attractive to many players, and they are very beautiful to behold.Bach mouthpieces are designed to meet every conceivable playing need and have for nearly three quarters of a century. A Bach mouthpiece will make a poor instrument play well, a good instrument play better. Volume and excellent intonation, ease of response in the high and low register, rich, uniform timbre throughout the range, and resistance calculated to increase the player’s endurancethese characteristics explain why professional artists choose Bach.Because Bach mouthpieces are accepted for their high standard of quality, their numbers are familiar everywhere as designations for certain models and types. Only genuine Bach mouthpieces bear the full inscription “VINCENT BACH” with one of the model numbers.
Bach 467300.968 – Bach Mega Tone Trumpet Mouthpieces in Gold 1C – musical instruments

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