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A Designs REDDI Tube Direct BoxWhat do world-class bassists Reggie Hamilton and Justin Meldal-Johnsen have in common with producer/engineers Tony Shepperd, Ted Perlman, and Dylan Dresdow? The answer is using the A-Designs REDDI Tube Direct Box as their go-to DI. The REDDI has been field tested and referred to by recording engineers as the “best tube DI ever made.” With wider bandwidth and just the right amount of gain, the REDDI stands clear and clean above the competition. Great for basses, guitars, synths, and electronic instruments that require a direct box for recording, the REDDI is ready to give you sound for recording or live performance that you won’t ever want to be without. A Designs Audio REDDI, First Take: All-tube direct box with custom output transformer Based on the Ampeg B-15 with an ultra-wide frequency range New version adds a 1/4″ thru jack Field-tested by notable engineers/producers before release All-tube and custom transformers — the key to big, punchy sound Inside its unmistakable fire-engine red case, the REDDI houses a toroid power transformer, which offers the quietest operation, and a 6N1P tube-driven amplifier that feeds signal direct into a massive custom output transformer. Therein lies the secret to its sound. It’s a well-known fact that transformers are responsible for a truly big, punchy sound (also called the “big iron” sound of the ’70s). By sending the tube-amplified, harmonically rich signal direct to a transformer that is hand and “ear” built you get a sound like no other. (You don’t have to take our word for it, see what the pros are saying below.) Ultra-wide Frequency Range Based on the sound of the legendary Ampeg B15 all-tube bass amp, The REDDI’s tone is tight, focused, and deep — in essence, right in the pocket. It’s ultra wide frequency range is another reason for the depth and clarity of the bass, as well as its unique ability to add a sense of dimensionality to whatever instrument is played through it. Another thing that professional bassists have discovered, is that rather than combining the DI sound with an amp, as is customary in bass recording, that sound of the REDDI alone is just perfect. On guitar, keyboards, and other electronic instruments, the REDDI works its particular brand of magic just as effectively as it does on bass. In fact, once you own a REDDI, you’ll be tempted to put just about anything you can through it. (In fact, Grammy-winning producer Ted Perlman, has even used the REDDI with a Shure Green Bullet mic to record harmonica!) New version adds a 1/4″ thru jack In order to keep the focus of the REDDI on sound quality, A Designs included only the most necessary features. On the original version of the REDDI, A Designs Audio had eliminated the 1/4″ thru-put. The reason was because the REDDI sounded so good on its own, A Designs wanted users to realize that they didn’t need to combine a miked amp with the direct sound of the REDDI. But A Designs listens to its customers and added a 1/4″ thru jack
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