Gear One My First Bass Accessory Pack #5040hw

Gear One My First Bass Accessory PackIncludes some of the accessories all bass players need: a dozen picks, a polishing cloth for keeping a bass looking its best, a strap, and a 10′ instrument cable.Standard Celluloid Guitar PicksThese durable picks will stand up to heavy play. Easy-to-grip shape and good looks. You can never have too many of these fantastic picks, so stock up today. Your guitar will love you for it and so will your fans. Set of one dozen. Black. Medium.Ernie Ball Polish ClothThe Ernie Ball polish cloth is 14-1/2″ x 16″ of double-nap cotton flannel treated with Velva-Sheen. The specially formulated Velva-Sheen reduces dust and prevents scratches.Perri’s Nylon Guitar StrapThis 2-inch-wide guitar strap is constructed of rugged, flexible nylon and is fully adjustable to 56 inches. Ends are leather for a snug fit around your strap buttons. Made in Canada.10-foot straight instrument cable High quality, straight-end instrument cable.
Gear One 421007 – Gear One My First Bass Accessory Pack – musical instruments

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