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Markbass MOMARK Head Bag #5722yv

Markbass MOMARK Head BagThe MoMark head bag from Markbass is made to the same standards that Markbass heads are made with exceptional looks and sleek styling. This premium-quality amp bag allows you to transport your amp in a knapsack then keep the amp in the bag during use. It even has enough room for all of your extras like pedals, cables, tuners, picks and anything else you might want to bring to the gig. The MoMark was designed with travel in mind and is perfect for local gigs and rehearsals.
Markbass H80453L – Markbass MOMARK Head Bag – musical instruments

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Markbass Big Bang Bag #6279vy

Markbass Big Bang BagThe BIG BANG bag was specially designed by Markbass to fit the Markbass BIG BANG head. This knapsack style bag not only carries the head, but also has room and compartments for your cables, tuners, charts, and more. Not only is it good for transporting your Markbass BiG BANG head back and forth between gigs, but you can also keep it in the bag during use.
Markbass H97060 – Markbass Big Bang Bag – musical instruments

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